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2-Channel SpikerBox

2-Channel SpikerBox


$ 112.000

1 - 5 $ 112.000

What can you could do with 2-Channels? Why, you can record from multiple neural sources at the same time during your experiments, or our favorite, you can measure conduction velocity using earthworms. How fast do action potentials travel? Now you can find out!

Product Details

This expanded version of our original SpikerBox is just as easy to use. You can connect a Laptop Cable or a Smartphone Cable to listen to your spikes on an external speaker or watch them on your smartphone, iPad, or computer. You can do all the experiments with the 2-Channel SpikerBox that the original SpikerBox can do, but the 2-Channel SpikerBox also allows you to take 2 measurements of a spike. Note: for 2-channel recordings, you need a laptop to do this, as your mobile devices typically only allow one channel. If you discover something new or develop a new experiment for the 2-Channel SpikerBox we would love to hear about it!

Technical Specs

  • 1x White (electrode 1) and 1x Red (electrode 2 & ground) input ports.
  • 1x Audio out port
  • 1x Internal speaker to listen to your spikes!
  • 1x 9-Volt battery

Video of 2-Channel SpikerBox in Action!

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